3 Powerful Law of Attraction Tips

Law of attraction basically refers to the belief that positive and negative thoughts attracting corresponding consequences. Keeping your thoughts and attitude positive can be hard work and requires tons of commitment. However, being persistent in being positive can help you to attract and manifest your goals and desire. Here, we share some law of attraction tips to get you started on improving your life and accelerate with law of attraction!

Visualizing your goals

Project the goals you wish to achieve into a vision board or photo gallery. Select images that ignite strong positive reactions to help build passion and desire for the things you wish to achieve. For physical vision boards, place them in areas which is prominent and can be seen easily and frequently. If you’re someone who’s usually working on your computer, you can consider putting these images of your goals and desire as a slide show for your screen saver or as your desktop image.

It may be common that you lose emotional desire and interest for certain goals over time. If there’s a shift in your priorities, lifestyles, or achieving of a certain goal, do feel free to update and replace those images with new ones that represent your goals. This will help to keep your momentum and desire going. By focusing on images, movies and music that ignites your desire and fuel your passion, the repetition of seeing it daily will help to drill these goals into your mind and help you to focus on turning them into a reality. The more you see yourself in the life you want, the more likely you’ll strive to make it happen.

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You create who you are

In the law of attraction, positive attracts positive and the same goes for negative. Therefore, keep your thoughts happy and think positive about yourself. Instead of having thoughts like “If only” “I wished” “I shouldn’t have” etc, think positive by channeling thoughts like “I will” “I deserve” “I must”! Beware of letting negative thoughts enter as it will sap away your positive energy and gradually feel you with negativity. Be mentally strong, always think positive and you will attract positive!

Expressing Gratitude

Surrounding yourself with happy things and learning to express gratitude will keep you positive. One good way is to document the things and people you’re thankful for, and even the slightest things that made your day a happy one. If you’re someone who likes to write, you could consider keeping a gratitude book where you record the happy things that happen to you at the end of your day. Reread it daily to remind you of the wonderful things that are happening to you. If you are more of a social media savvy person, you could do a #100happydays project and document the daily things that made you happy with pictures and a short note to go with it. Remember that, if there’s something to be thankful about every day, there will be something to look forward to and something that will make you happy daily!

Enjoy and have a great day!


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