5 Tips to Overcome Negative Thoughts Using the Law of Attraction

The basic premise of the law of attraction states that we attract everything that happens to us, whether good or bad. According to this law, whatever we think and/or believe, we attract. As such, if we think or believe negatively, we will attract negative things, or that negative things will begin to manifest in our lives. On the other side, however, if we think or believe positively, then, we will attract positivity and positive things will begin to manifest in our lives. We all have negative thoughts from time to time, but the law of attraction states that if we will focus our thoughts and energies on more positive thoughts a majority of the time, then we can attract better things into our lives. The law of attraction teaches that if we will simply change our thoughts, then we can literally change our lives. Therefore, according to the law, we can overcome negative thoughts using the law of attraction.

1. Redirect your focus. We must change our negative thoughts into more positive ones. Whenever we experience negative thoughts, instead of dwelling on them, we must exchange them for positive thoughts. For example, many times and for many reasons, we may think of ourselves as undesirable or that we are not good enough for certain things, such as a prospective mate or a job promotion. However, instead of thinking on those thoughts of defeat, think the opposite. Instead, we should think that we are desirable and capable and that we do deserve good things to happen in our lives. Take heart in knowing that others will see that and wish to be in our company and have places in our lives.

2. Affirm/Re-affirm Yourself. When we affirm ourselves, we are simply giving ourselves encouragement. Its a way to build ourselves up. As mentioned previously, with redirecting our focus, and thinking the best of ourselves, it is up to us to give ourselves that affirmation. Understand that, especially in those of us who have experienced repetitive defeat or that have been programmed for “nothingness,” that we must reprogram ourselves and that this process may take time. This is especially true of those who have suffered verbal, mental, emotional or other types of abuse from those that they loved and trusted. Remember, that it takes time to heal and that you must take responsibility for your healing and growth. See yourself building up those places where you have been torn down. Envision repairing all of those broken places. Tell yourself the opposite of what you have been programmed to believe. For anyone going through financial difficulties, do not think all day every day that you are “broke”; do not think of yourself as depleted. Otherwise, you will attract more of the same. You will attract more bills, more unexpected expenses for which you cannot pay. Instead, think of all the richness that you do have in your life.

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3. Be grateful. Everything may not be as we wish always for our lives. Things, they seem, can always be so much better than what they are. However, if we arm ourselves with attitudes of gratitude, according to the law of attraction, we will attract more things to be grateful for. When we think on everything that we are already blessed with, be it our families, our jobs, our vehicles, our health, the income that we do have, we attract greater and more blessings into our lives. No matter where we may find ourselves and how bad our situations, there is someone who wishes for what we have. Somewhere there is a family grieving the loss of a loved one; someone is praying for a job to support themselves and their family; somebody wishes they had a car to get around in; there is someone hoping that they can one day just walk to their mailbox, and someone wishes that they just had enough money to take their child for ice cream. If you have any of that at your disposal, think on those things. Let go of the negative thoughts.

4. Envision. Begin to envision yourself with the things and/or the life that you so desire. What does it look like? How does it feel? What is your routine in it? Ask yourself the steps that you need to take in order to get to the place where you have what you wish. Think about how to prepare for it. Think about how good you will feel, if you are suffering with illness, once you are well. Envision yourself well. Plan a trip for this time next year in anticipation for it.

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5. Feel good. Begin to bask in those good feelings. Let the negative thoughts begin to dissipate. As you do that, as you think on more and more positive things and allow yourself to feel better, you will be better, and your life will be better. Do something to lift your spirits and elevate your mood. Sit down and think of things that you enjoy doing. Make a list of those things, and do them. Take a hot bubble bath, play upbeat music, go for a jog, read a book, or anything that will give you that extra “pep” so that you start to feel alive and elevated.

The law of attraction teaches that you will attract good things into your life, if you can think on and give energy to that which is positive. As you apply these tips, redirect your focus, affirm/re-affirm yourself, practice gratitude, envision your heart’s desires, and begin to feel good about what is before you, you will overcome those negative thoughts- all using the law of attraction. Keep in mind, these things are not just coping mechanisms for whenever negative thoughts enter our minds, but understand that these must each become a way of life. We must live focused lives, affirm ourselves, walk in gratitude, envision good things and feel good about ourselves and the directions that we see our lives headed. In so doing, we will overcome negative thoughts and good things will manifest into our lives.

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