7 Simple Ways to Stop Yourself from Overthinking

Many people do overthink, and that does not necessarily mean that it is wrong. In fact, overthinking is sometimes associated with problem solving and creativity. However, when you overthink too much, you will find yourself in problems because your judgment gets cloudy and your stress becomes elevated.

Overthinking could mean different things. You can be in a situation thinking about a single event, what you should have done or even regretting some things. On the other hand, you can find yourself over thinking about decisions and analyzing them to the point that you can no longer make a sound decision.

Thus, overthinking is a situation where you find yourself focused on one particular thought until starts affecting you negatively. Overthinking is a nuisance and it can take a toll on your life. The best thing to do is to condition you to not overthink.

The following are simple ways in which you can avoid overthinking:

1. Be Aware That You Are Overthinking

Before you can even address this problem, you must first know when it is happening. If you catch yourself doubting your decision or experiencing some anxiety over certain decisions, then you know it is happening right there. This is the moment of awareness and you can stop right on your tracks.

2. Be Positive

Most people overthink because they are scare. Somebody is probably looking at all the bad things that could happen. You can avoid overthinking by focusing on all the good things that could happen and forget about any negative outcome. Let all your thoughts remain positive.

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3. Engage In Positive Distractions

When you realize that you are beginning to overthink, it is best to get up do something that makes you happy. You can engage in positive distractions such as dancing, knitting, watching movies, or painting. There are so many activities that you can do to distract your mind from overthinking.

4. Challenge Your Thinking And Put It Into Perspective

Most people are easily carried away with negative thoughts. They end up exaggerating a problem until it becomes unbearable. Challenge yourself by asking whether the decision you make will even matter in one month to come or even a year. This way you will realize that whatever it is you are facing only needs a matter of time and things will be different.

5. Do Not Be A Perfectionist

Realize that things will not always according to plan. Do not focus on perfection. Focus on making progress rather than perfection. Do things knowing that no one is perfect and that we all mistakes. That way you will be ready for any outcome.

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6. Live One Moment at a Time

You need to live one day at a time. Realize that past failure does not necessarily determine future failures. Do not determine your future by analyzing your past. Remember that every opportunity marks a new beginning.

7. Set a Timer

Do not give yourself so much time and space for thinking. If you do, you will end up over-analyzing issues and outcomes that you will only be stressed out. Set a time limit depending on how big the issue is. You could maybe make it ten minutes, and after the ten minutes, make your decision, forget about it, and move on.

As you can see, there are several things that you can do to avoid overthinking. Above all, you need to accept that you cannot predict or foresee the future. Accept your best and be grateful for what you have achieved so far. This way you will stay contented with life and the issue of overthinking will stay at minimal.


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