Attract happiness: You deserve it!

We all want happiness but most of the time we talk about pain – what an irony! If we constantly remind ourselves how much pain we are in, how can we attract happiness? The law of attraction clearly states that we manifest what we believe and some of us have deeply believed our lives to be a constant battle. Some of it is rooted in past experience. But we have to ask ourselves, do we want to live in the past? Or shall we give ourselves the life of our dreams? If you are reading this you are probably trying to take your life in your own hands –which is commendable!

Well, like attracts like as we know it. As per the law of attraction of the Universe, if you put something out there it comes back to your by ten folds. You need to understand how the Law of attraction works to begin with;everything is energy and the Universe is constantly responding to the energy that you’re sending out. If you have a poor love life or a bad friendship – it is probably because you are sending out a vibration which you yourself do not desire. This is a good thing, this means that your life is under your own control. If you want to attract happiness, attract love and health, then you must remain happy yourself first. This is the core teaching of law of attraction.

How to be happy with your life

Each and every person around you is acting as your mirror and is showing you something about your own behavior or feelings –instead of rejecting them or being hurt by them, try to understand them. They can go a long way into telling you what you must change in order to attract happiness.

The next important step is learning how to manifest health, happiness and love. But before you proceed with manifesting your desires, ask yourself what you truly desire. There are a bunch of things we think can give us happiness, but really they are just certain “achievements” to which we attach our happiness to. Ask yourself what will give you lasting happiness and make sure that the answer of the open heart is met with an open mind.

Never suppress your feelings while manifesting –instead let your submerged feelings emerge to be healed. When we are happy and imagining something, sometimes the worst case scenario seems to pop up in our heads that is again the fear talking. The purpose of fear is to protect you. Lull your fear to sleep, like you would to a baby. On the road to attract happiness, never reject your feelings. You can also state affirmations like: “I am happy”, and truly feel and watch yourself being happy. Repeat this on a regular basis.

When you want to attract happiness you have to be true to yourself. People slow down the process of manifesting by putting up a facade. You must feel positive at heart. This is very important.

Gratitude is another very important aspect in the road to happiness. Being grateful to things you can naturally increase the peace in your life and affirm your reasons to be happy too!

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Enjoy and have a great day!


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