Learn To Work the Law of Attraction for More Wealth

The law of attraction works by igniting a shift in the way you think and act. This will be able to translate your thoughts into actions and manifest your goals in an easy and fast way. Living and sticking to law of attraction takes a huge amount of faith and work which may sound like a stressful ordeal for some. If you want it to work, relax and enjoy the journey and treat it as a guide to help you achieve your desires!

1. Putting thoughts into actions

Understand that thoughts will create an intention which will then translate into actions. By focusing on what you want, you’ll be focused on your intention of attracting more money and wealth. Think positive and only harbor positive things so that positive will be attracted into your life.

2. Setting goals

Visualize your financial goals. What is it that your wish to achieve? Be specific in your goals. A good example would be, “I want to purchase a 2 storey apartment in 3 years time.” Have a clear idea of what you want and the timeline you wish to achieve it by. You need to feel and have desire for that goal. Imagine yourself already living in that apartment and savour the feeling of already achieving that goal. Going through this process in your mind over and over again daily will fuel up that motivation and keep you positive. If it doesn’t work, you will need to sit down and find out why your goal setting doesn’t work and what you can do about it.

3. Gratitude

Cultivating gratitude is of essence when you’re using the law of attraction for more wealth. Take some time everyday to show gratitude for what we already have. Using visualization, show gratitude for what we are trying to achieve, in a same level as if it has already happened on a daily basis.

4. Faith

Think positive and have faith that the goals we are trying to manifest is already on its way. Do not allow negative thoughts to interfere as you even before you decide to use the law of attraction to help you attract more wealth as this will surely result in failure.

Believe, think positive, do positive thinking affirmations, have no doubts and do not question even when things seem like it’s not going your way. Stay positive and believe that an obstacle is another new beginning or something better and move on.

5. Action

Without action, nothing will work. All of the visualization and motivation will not be of help without action. Use your positive energy, faith and your clear goals to take action. Focus o what needs to be done to bring you closer to your goals and act on it. Not tomorrow, not one month later, take action now!

6. Create Value

Only by generating an increase in value, will we be able to attract more wealth. Give more than what you can take. Only then can you receive more. What can you do to add value to others? How can you increase your value at your community, at work and at home? Make the idea of creating and adding value a foundation of your way of thinking.

7. There is plenty

There is plenty of money for everyone. Don’t let competition or situations such as recession get you down. There’s abundance of money yet to be earned and companies yet to be created. Remember that you are your only competition. Focus on wealth, not the lack of it.

All the best in achieving all the luck and wealth in the world!

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