How to Make the Law of Attraction Work for You: Count Your Blessings

A good way to bring wonderful things to you is to always be thankful. Being grateful for what is in your life whether big or small is an excellent way of attracting blessings. The Law Of Attraction states that when you have a good attitude you will always bring good things your way. You count your blessings so you can be grateful for all the positive things that you have received. Counting your blessings is a way of saying thank you to the universe for being good to you.

When you count your blessings, you give out positive energy and in return, you attract good things. Being grateful enables you to get positive things in return. Gratitude begins in the mind and has to be used regularly as a way of achieving blessings. Counting blessings is focusing on all the good that has come your way and be grateful. When you count blessings, it encourages you to have positive thinking. It allows you to always have an open mind about things in your life.

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Blessings are all the wonderful things that come to you in life. They come when you emit a positive attitude to the universe and it comes back to you. When you look at your life and see everything in it as a blessing then you will always feel blessed. When you feel blessed then you tend to attract more blessings. A blessing can be anything positive in your life like having a home, getting children, being healthy, or getting a promotion at work. Blessings do not have to be big things. Even the smallest of things in your life can be a blessing.

Counting blessings can make the law of attraction work. This can be possible through a few ways discussed below:

• Starting your day by feeling grateful. As each day begins, you should have gratitude for all the good things in your life. Always having feelings of gratitude will make the universe to reward you with good things.

• Focusing on the things that you have. It should not matter whether the things you have are big or small. Just be grateful that you have them. You should write down the things that you have. This will make you more grateful and positive signals are sent out to the universe. The law of attraction then works when the universe sends you positive things.

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• You should be grateful like you have already attained what you wanted. Giving thanks before receiving what you want is a great way of encouraging the law of attraction to gift you the wish. Believing that a request has already been granted will make the universe to grant you the wish.

Law of attraction brings positive things your way when you give out positive energy. When the universe rewards you with blessings, it is important to be grateful. Counting your blessings shows that you are grateful for all the things in your life. When you show gratitude for even the small things in your life, the universe rewards you with more. The law of attraction works when you count your blessings and are grateful for having received them. When you make a habit of practicing gratitude daily then good things come to you.

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