Make the Law of Attraction Work for You

One of the simplest way to attract something good into your life is to have positive thoughts and visualizing already owning it, extend your feelings and attention to that feeling of owning it in the most effortless possible manner for as long as possible until it eventually becomes second nature. Imagining already owning it may seem delusional but remember that reality is easily led by thoughts. Being adaptable and putting this into practice will eventually translate such energy of thoughts into actions. Remember, the key to making the law of attraction works for you is is to keep thinking positive!

Role Play

Are there people out there that make you feel motivated, inspire you or you admire? Is there someone you wish to be like more? Putting famous superstars and idols aside, it could be someone that you feel has an impact on you such as your superior, elder sibling, mentor or even a motivational speaker. Focus on understanding what is it about these people that makes you feel like you wish to be more like them? If faced with a certain situation, how would they go about managing it? How would they react to it? This exercise helps you to put your own views and perceptions aside, and see situations in a different light. This will also eventually allow you a new learning of shifted perceptions.

Act on your inspirations

Most people are so stuck in their own rut that they have no idea what inspires them. This is specially so when it comes to white collared employees who are busy from 9-6pm every day. They may be so absorb in their own daily habitual routine that they feel like they have neither time nor energy to think about this. To translate inspirations in a laymen’s manner, ask yourself what are some simple things that will make you happy? Take some time out from your normal day, 10-15 minutes to do something that will make you happy. It could be anything from singing, reading a book watching a movie, connecting with your friends or getting a facial and massage. Open that opportunity and take the time to indulge and pamper yourself with doing things that makes you happy and this will eventually allow more and more inspirations in bigger doses to enter your life.

When I was young

Remember when you were still a kid and didn’t have to handle any responsibilities nor faced issues with work, arguments with spouses or money problems? Those were the carefree times when the only worries you had were the flavors of ice cream to choose. What were you like as a kid? What were your dreams? What kind of things fascinates and excites you? Revisit on a daily basis those memories and reconnect with that curious, carefree, adventurous and honest self.


I just wrote Learn To Work the Law of Attraction for More Wealth in the last article talking about gratitude. You should be appreciative of anything that happens to you. Think positive and open up to being contented and happy with simple things and you will receive happiness in abundance. Be grateful and express gratitude for even the littlest things in life, and always keep positive thoughts in the process. Eventually, you will be able to create a lot more gratifying experiences in your life.

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