Mind over matter: How to attract health and wellness

Health is the foundation of a good life. We often tend to take our health for granted, but without it can we truly enjoy our lives? As far reached as the idea may seem, but most often we draw ill health upon ourselves by perceiving our body negatively. Mind is truly over matter. Studies have shown that our thoughts affect the production of enzymes in our body. Therefore everything that we think and “dream” have an impact upon our body. If we tap into this little knowledge we can really attract health by real means.

We can truly attract health into our lives for the most part. Nowadays in the social sphere people tend to discuss their diseases more often. When you discuss about a certain disease, the impression of ill health gets reaffirmed in your mind and then your mind starts commanding your body to create the illness over and over again. What we believe is what shapes our reality, and this is primarily how the law of attraction works. There have been many cancer patients who have cured themselves purely out of their strong will and positivity. You attract health when you develop a certain perception about your own body. Develop the right perception and your body glows!

Just like everything else, your body needs your love too. So if you understand how to manifest health and wellness, you’ll discover how to lead a life filled with joy and peace.Constant criticism towards one’s own body creates useless illnesses. We know that consciousness creates our reality. What we didn’t know was that we can choose to consciously place our attention on a certain thought and enable our body to accept that thought and react accordingly.

Spend at least five minutes a day imagining your body to be at perfect health. If you want to lose weight, imagine all the unwanted baggage leaving your body. On a daily basis when you imagine yourself to be at perfect health, that impression leaves a greater impact on your mind and that inevitably seeps down to attract health in your system.

That being said, if you are imagining yourself to be at perfect health yet feeding your system with useless fast food, the results might take longer to show up. But to attract health we need to keep our minds and our bodies both cleansed. This way the body gets the message without any distraction.

Most often people tend to think about the things that they don’t want. The law of attraction states that you manifest what you put your attention to. Sometimes we don’t see the results of our imagination because we have held on to more unnecessary fear and that fear drives our imagination. It can lead to the opposite results sometimes. To get attract health and to get the best results, first of all try clear your head of all the fear. Be happy. Happiness truly speeds up the process by ten folds. When the imagination is in tune with your innermost desire then the universe responds naturally to the rhythm of your mind. Make sure there are no underlying negative beliefs about your body while you imagine health and wellness. Let go and flow naturally and practice law of attraction on a regular basis and see wonder truly happen right in front of you.

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Enjoy and have a great day!


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