Reduce Stress in Your Life Using Law of Attraction

In the fast pace and hectic life we are in now, it’s common to allow stress to affect our health. Do you feel yourself being unhappy even when things seem to be going well and smooth? The pace and culture you’re in may be inflicting stress on you unknowingly. How this stress is dealt with will define the quality of our lives. Here, we look at how to make use of the law of attraction to help you reduce stress.

1. Plan your day
By making a list of the things you wish to do for the day, it helps you to plan and prioritize. Select the 3 top things you wish to complete most and cross off the items once it’s done. As you complete one item, you can add on another task to be done till the end of the day. It keeps you from being overwhelmed with dealing with too much in too little time. Take that 5-10 minutes every day to plan and you will realize how efficient and smooth things become.

2. Exercise
Did you know that exercise not only gives us better health but also increase our energy level and keep our mood up? In the law of attraction, positive energy is one of the key essences to attracting good things into our life. Start off some light or fun exercise such as walking or dancing. Exercises can be done at places you feel comfortable at such as your home or your neighborhood. Pick an exercise you enjoy so that you can stick to it. The more you exercise, the longer you can do it for and this will improve not only your stamina but also your feel good factor!

3. Be careful when you are on a diet
Poor nutrition choices may make you feel fatigue all the time. This will in turn lower your energy level making you feel external stress easily and also subconscious internal stress to the body. Take care of your body and feed it well with ample nutrition to ensure that your energy levels are well maintained at all times, enabling you to stay positive, inspired and motivated.

4. Gratitude and affirmations
Learn to be thankful for the things you have and things that will happen. Express gratitude for what you own, people around you and things that you want to happen even before they do. Express your gratitudes daily in your mind or through a journal. This will help you in building an affirmation. Build on simple affirmations such as “I can manage the tasks on hand and complete them today.” Use affirmations to think positive about yourself and as a form of encouragement and motivation for yourself. The more you practice this, the more these thoughts will be embedded in your mind and eventually, you will find that you can handle situations effortlessly hence reducing stress.

5. Feel it
Even if you don’t feel good at first, practice the feeling of it until it becomes natural to you. Remember that your thoughts and feelings will affect how you act and feel. Therefore, always think and feel positive. It’ll eventually help you to reduce stress.

When you stop making excuses in your live and deal with it appropriately, you will be able to feel empowered and lead the live you want!

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